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22nd-Feb-2009 06:02 pm - Bonjour?
» allongé dans tes ailes
Hey guys, I'm starfishyfish , I've been on LJ for a little while but I'm new to this comm.. I'll be playing France here from now on :D (I can't help but notice the lack of Frances in these rpgs?) ...I'll do my best to live up to standards, since this is my first RP and all.. Nice to meet you~

Umm so. Like.
I'm Meli. I live near London and my heritage is half-French, half-English, so I have great love for both countries and therefore the characters. Since I'm bilingual (need more practice in grammar and spelling in French, but hey~), I'll probably pepper my RPing with French babble now and then. C'EST BIEN -shot-

My love of Hetalia actually started out with the Allied Powers rather than the Axis, so.. yeah.. the first strips I read were 'In France' and 'England catches a cold', lawl, what does that say about me? <3 and they're still my favourite characters :D to the point where I'm working on an England cosplay and forcing my suitably-tall friend to be America. Now we call each other Alfie and Arty OTL  I love the relationship between England and America, but I don't like the pairing. FrancexEngland is my OTP :D In fact, France x anyone is my OTP, fufufu
Apart from Hetalia, I like sci-fi, horror, action and a bit of romance, as long as there's a small element of comedy in it. I like light-hearted series with a few exceptions like Higurashi no Naku Koro ni and Chrono Crusade~ though I have a tendency to like the angsty parts of comedy series too- America Cleaning Out the Storage omg ;_;

Unfortunately, although I geek a lot about Hetalia, Japan and classic Greek/Roman-type things, my world history knowledge isn't terribly great, so I'll be reading up as we go along, and feel free to correct me if I make any mistakes.
I like to draw and sew a lot, and I post fanarts and crafts to the hetalia community now and then so I might see you there :D I look forward to talking to you all! <3
21st-Feb-2009 05:01 pm - Taking my leave.
Drinking with America by miruchu
Apologies for my inactivity, but in all honesty, I cannot stay active enough anymore. I believe you guys should find a more active UK, if at all possible. And since I have been removed from modship (with no warning...), I don't think I'm needed anymore.

It has been a pleasure roleplaying with you. =] Thanks.


This means that I'll need a maintainer for this OOC comm, though, since I'm the only one in charge of it...any takers?


EDIT: I'll be around until we find a new UK.
8th-Feb-2009 05:25 pm - Event Proposal?
I&#39;m Canada!
Hello, fellow nations! Sea-kun here with an EVENT PROPOSAL!

Some of the other nation-tans have been brainstorming about event ideas and the wonderful dolceromano thought up something GREAT: a Valentine's Day costume/masquerade party!

So I'm asking all you nation-tans out there to comment with some input into the idea. Do you like it? Hate it? Want to host it at your nation's house? Bring cake and (possibly spiked) punch? You can even talk about what costume your nation should wear!

It's almost Valentine's, ya know, so let's get this ball a-rollin'!

EDIT: totallypoland is offering to host this shindig if no one else wants the honor. If you want it at your nation's place, go ahead and speak up, otherwise it looks like our lovely Poland will be the beautiful host (hostess?)! =D
31st-Jan-2009 01:36 pm(no subject)
I hope this isn't out of line or in the wrong place or something...anyway, I was noticing that this rp seems a little inactive. I was wondering if maybe we could talk about events etc. to maybe bring some activity back? We have a fair number of members, if we work together I'm sure we could come up with some great ideas!

I-if this is the wrong place or no one else cares just ignore me!
21st-Jan-2009 10:59 pm - (13) Obligatory intro post, yeah!
Hey everyone! The name's Carmen and I'll be playing Poland. Disclaimer: I'm not actually Polish, so if I make some sort of grievous historical or like, cultural error please someone let me know!

I'm a college student from California, currently studying abroad in the UK. Got into Hetalia a couple of months ago and finally got up the guts to join an RPG. Also, I'm terrible at intro posts and tend to ramble. Or not say enough. Or generally make a fool of myself.

People seem to be doing really in-depth introductions so I'll try to make mine a bit longer. My favorite characters from Hetalia would be...well, Poland of course. And Russia. And I think as an American I have to like America or else I get kicked out of the country. To be honest I like all of the characters, it's just a matter of degrees.

I used to write fanfiction, but I haven't done any in quite some time.

Er...I sometimes cosplay badly and hit the local conventions, namely Yaoicon and Fanime.

I'm a literal valley girl. I kind of talk like Feliks in real life, much to the amusement of my English flatmates.

It's nice to meet everyone, I'm looking forward to playing with you all!
15th-Jan-2009 10:03 pm - [12] Guten Tag!
He's gonna seize your vital regions! D:
Hi, I'm reddlime. But I don't really post there, since I can't seem to get the hang of LJ. >3>; You can call me Redd. :D I'll be playing your Prussia, as well as your Germany! Prussia was an easy choice for me, since his personality goes quite well with my own, but Germany just sort of followed him. XD; They are brothers, after all, and they live together, so... This is obviously Prussia's LJ. Germany will have his own... soon. XD;

I recently got into Hetalia, and now I'm obsessing over it. XD; I'm into a lot of fandoms otherwise (mostly FMA and X-Men: Evolution), and I adore sappy romance. XD And I abuse the "XD" face, so look out for it. ;o Let's see, obviously my favorite characters are Germany and Prussia, but I also love all of the Asian nations, America (where I'm from, in case it wasn't obvious by now ;D), France, both Italys, Egypt, Greece, Turkey... actually, name a country and there's a ninety-nine percent chance I like it. o3o;

As for pairings, I'm a sucker for Germany/Italy (north), as well as Germany/Prussia, and Prussia/Austria. And love triangles! Ooh. Haha, I'll keep my fangirling to a minimum though. ;D

When it comes to writing... well, I write a lot. I roleplay mostly, but on occasion drop something onto my fanfiction.net account. XD; I need to update some old fics there, come to think of it. I have a deviantart account as well, but due to my broken scanner, I haven't been able to upload anything on there in awhile. You can find me roleplaying on gaiaonline a lot... because I think I have a secret addiction to making my posts pretty. ;o

Since I'm playing two characters and using two separate journals, you'll have to forgive me if one of my characters ends up acting in the other's journal. XD;; I know it's bound to happen eventually, because these two have to interact (unfortunately for Germany).

Weeeell~ Thanks for your time, and I'm so glad I found this community! :'D
10th-Jan-2009 04:31 pm - 11 is a nice, symetrical number

Good afternoon!

It's a pleasure to meet all of you fine people, I will be playing Wang Yao here.

My main LJ account is finneaus .</lj>

I'm seventeen, eighteen next month.

Obviously, I'm a fan of the Hetalia series. My favorite characters would be a resounding Russia, China, England, America and Canada. The first two being my absolute favorites. And since I'm on that road, I might as well go ahead and mention that I ship China/Russia (typically in that order). They're really the only pair I have EVER shipped, in any series. Obviously, I am not much of a shipper.

So, I joined up here as Yao for several reasons. One is that I like his character. Another is that it'll give me a chance to leanr more about Chinese history, which I have begun to find very fascinating. This will be new for me, since I usually roleplay as Ivan/Russia (I'm far more comfortable with Russian history).

As far as my interests go, you can probably already tell that I'm a history geek. Really, I'm an all around geek. I enjoy anything science related, in particular Physics and Astronomy, which I plan on majoring in when I attened college next year. I also greatly enjoy politics, writing, drawing, and studying foreign languages.

When it comes to personal hobbies, I like to cosplay (though I suck at sewing). For Kumoricon, in September, I will be going as Gijinka Amaterasu (Okami) and either Canada or China. It'll probably be CHina, since I'm short and Asian already. I also enjoy tennis, soccer and martial arts. However, I spend most of my time on the computer.

Uh...yeah. I live in the US, but I plan on moving to Russia in the near future. And that's really about it.

9th-Jan-2009 07:05 pm - Ten, I guess.
Where I am, it's evening, and so: Goedenavond!

I'm Bells, the mun of Belgium. And of, uh, probably any other Belgium you might meet on hetalia-only RPs and DRs. My personal journal is luminousbeat

I'm a 15 year old sophomore. I like to write - I really, REALLY like to write - and I also like to draw. Or, well, doodle. Mmm... I'm immaturely mature, I suppose, and I'm also the only one who got the sexual joke of "my dog almost bit off on me" in my class full of boys. Why, oh why...

Hmm.... What else can I say.... Ahh... I'm learning Italian, Japanese, and Dutch. I don't have many I'd call a friend - Qichi, you're one of the few I suppose - and... Uh, this is strange. Mmm... Ah, right.

I've got a fanfiction.net account. I'm Innocence Has a Gun there. Be sure to check out my stories, right? Though, why anyone would like Lucid and Vulnerability is beyond me, since I thought they kind of sucked.

I... Suppose that's it. *shrugs* Mmm... Oh... I'm likely the biggest Belgium history fag you'll ever meet. Ever. also opiumfag, because opium is totally cool. or, er, its history is.

8th-Jan-2009 06:06 pm(no subject)
Buona sera! And that is about as far as my abilities with Italian stretch!

I'm rather new to the Hetalia world, but I'm pretty sure my knowledge of history and my major (International Relations) will be a crutch for me while I try and catch up. So far I pretty much love everybody in it for how true to the stereotypes of their respective selves they are. I chose to be Romano because he's a little like me in that IRL I'm a bit tough on the outside, little foul mouthed, and can be a bit sarcastic. I'm 19 years old, college student, absolute health nut and...a total closet nerd. I've been RPing for the past ten years (feeling older and older as I write this lol). Everything from LotR to HP to X-men to various animes etc. My regular journal is frenchphoenix (I'm franco-American and live in Phoenix, I'm soooo creative). Not really sure what else to put so I'll just end this before I start to ramble on too long! Looking forward to getting into the RPing! Just comment if their is anything else you want to know?

I'm pleased to meet you, ladies and gentlemen. I will be your Sweden for the evening. My personal journal is qichi and you are welcome to friend me, if you like. ♥ Okay, droppin' the shit I tend to talk like a cross between Poland and a spastic parrot, but there y'go. .. what am I - we can't all be paragons of introductions.

AHHH. I'm 17, I'm from New Jersey! I like tuna melts and chocolate milk and listening to music in languages I don't understand. I've never really done this LJ RP thing before, except for a very brief stint at hetaliadressing (long story short, I freaked out and ran away. This will NOT be a repeat.) My favorite color is grey and I like iced coffee and I have a cat.

Interests are what. When I manage to peel my ass off the computer chair, I watch the Travel Channel and Jeopardy but other than that I hate TV. I'm a terrible photographer but I like doing it despite that. I hate all sports but hold a sort of detached affinity for the Devils anyway. I can't cook for shit and I'm in Spanish 4.

.. my favorite ABBA song is Chiquitita. And I'm a Baroness of Sealand.
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