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Hetalia RPG OOC
22nd-Mar-2009 11:50 am - [MOD] FINAL CHANCE

This is your last chance to CLICK HERE and suggest ideas. I'm planning on posting a poll up either today or tomorrow for you to vote on what direction you all want to head in. If I get no responses, I'll be declaring this place dead.

18th-Mar-2009 05:11 pm - [MOD] Reminder
Yeah I'm pretty awesome.

I'm reminding you all to CLICK HERE and make suggestions or comment on the ones already there. We need feedback and input of all kinds, so if you've got questions, ASK THEM. If you like something, SAY SO. Be active~

That is all!
15th-Mar-2009 01:27 pm - [MOD] The Situation
Aw man...
We have fallen upon grave times, my fellow nations... As you may have noticed, our head mod (alsocalledliet) has left us, leaving me, the great and mighty Sea-kun, to rule over you all be head-mod in her place. She will be missed dearly. It was quite a shock for me last night reading that she would be leaving us, but that is how the world tends to work.

In any case, this means that we have a choice to make, as a community. We can either let this place die or continue to let it grow and eventually prosper. The first option would be the simple one--to merely walk away as if this place had never existed. The second option is the harder, as it will require a group effort to find a direction with which we can drive this place towards.

Assuming that we choose the second option, letting this place continue to live, we would then meet a crossroads where many paths connect to our current position and stream outward in various directions. It from this point that I would like us to try our hardest, as a group, to find a means of survival. If you all wish to keep this place alive, we all must agree upon which of these many undefined paths to choose.

This brings me to my main point: I am asking that all of you who are still here suggest a plot and direction that you would like this RPG to head. Leave a comment here with your suggestion please, and let the other members comment on what they think of it. I am asking for anything thing that you feel would be fun or interesting for us all to engage in (ROMANO, NOW WOULD BE A GOOD TIME TO REVEAL WHAT YOU PM'D ME THE OTHER DAY). Your suggestions can ranger anywhere between silly to serious; as long as it's something constructive. The only ideas that I would suggest refraining from would be insane asylum and high school/private academy. Those are far too common. Otherwise you can suggest all out war between the nations or an AU maid game--it's totally up to you guys!

This actually wasn't the thing I wanted to post about today, so now I'll get to the less weighty mod things I have to say. I am informing you all that I will be changing the application format and I may be testing it out on you guys. Meaning, I'll be throwing it at you guys, asking you to fill it out as if you were applying, and then you can give me feedback about what fields work/don't work/need to be added. I'm not making you reapply, just needing a little feedback. You may be seeing that soon enough. However, if it ends up that we all choose a plot for the RP that is far different than its original premise, I will have you guys fill out the application to prove that you all can adapt to the changes. Should be simple, though, right?

As another modly heads-up, I'm making a mod LJ so that it'll be more impressive when I pop up with mod posts. It was given to me by our dear Liet before she left. I should have that up and running soonish. But before then, I would love for us to have a new direction for this RPG.

Come, my fellow nations, and do your part. Let this community rise like a phoenix and let us birth a new RPG from its flames!
14th-Mar-2009 09:53 pm - Leaving~
Oh yeah, I've got a job now...so I'll be dropping. Hopefully, a more active Liet would come your way, because I don't want to seem selfish, cause I've been waaaaaay too busy.

You'll do great Sealand-mod, and it was great while playing with you! I guess I'll be leaving now, so hopefully you'll find a better Liet.
11th-Mar-2009 05:43 pm - [MOD] ROLL CALL
It's Sealand!
Hello all, this is your Sea-mod speaking! I am conducting a character roll call! In other words, if you're still here and an active member, please comment on this entry. If you haven't been active as of late but want to be more active, please comment on this entry.

Me and Liet-mod are trying to get an accurate assessment of who all is still active around here. A simple "hi" or "here" or "present" will suffice. We just want a head count of who all is active around here or wants to be more active!

You all have a week to respond. Commenting will be turned off after a week.


Lithuania T_T
Sealand (♥)
Romano/South Italy
Veneziano/North Italy
4th-Mar-2009 02:11 pm - Inactivity
 Ohw emh...I'm really really sorry for my inactivity but i have some problems with my connection,now everything's ok so I'm back.
I'm terribly sorry...
2nd-Mar-2009 08:41 pm - HAY GAIZ
I have another event proposition~!

Who's up for a... TOKUSATSU/SENTAI PARTY AT SEALAND'S HOUSE???!!! Costumes not required, but it'd be awesome if you guys came dressed as Power Rangers or Kamen Riders! It'll be a night of watching Power Rangers and Super Sentai (this means both in English and Japanese, so things like Abaranger and Gekiranger are totally fine) and Kamen Rider (Heisei only, please, since I don't think Sealand would be too much into Showa...)!

PLUS: Food! Action figures! Video games (mostly Pokemon other kid-oriented games)! And a possible SLUMBER PARTY!!!

This is only a proposal. I dunno if you guys are up for it or not. I'm not sure such a feat is possible (as Sealand's house is very small), BUT I would like for you guys to say "yea" or "nay" to it anyway, just in case. =3 FRANCE AND RUSSIA HAVE ALREADY BEEN INVITED (NO I HAVEN'T FORGOTTEN). So now I'm just inviting more people. If any of you are up for it, that is. =D Otherwise, France and Russia, you guys will be coming to Sea-kun's house. SEA-KUN WILLS IT.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that this is partially in honor of the new season of Power Rangers starting on Saturday. =3 WHOO POWER RANGERS RPM!
28th-Feb-2009 07:54 pm - *Whistles his return*
I...I have no real excuse except that School has been evil and when you're writing transfer apps and college stuff like that  LJ is the last thing on your mind...Terribly sorry about the past like...3 weeks of absences I'm going to be a lot better now because those things are now out of the way, really sorry about it :(
26th-Feb-2009 04:48 pm - FYI~
Hi guys. It's Sea-kun! You all should know me by now. Hopefully.

The point of this post is to inform you all that I'm now a co-mod. Meaning that, if you need a mod, I can help (maybe)! There's contact info on Sea-kun's journal for just such an occasion, so if you're in need of mod-related assistance and can't contact our head-mod for whatever reason, just give me a poke and I'll try my hardest to help.

So there's your FYI for today! =D

And I dunno if you guys have any questions about this, but if you do, just leave a little comment here.
23rd-Feb-2009 08:25 pm - The world ruler is here
Pufufu, hi there people, I'll be in charge of uniting everyone for now, aka being Russia.

You guys can call me Jun, oh, and I'm actually male <3 I just love yaoi to death... One of my unhealthy obsessions, aside from game. And I pretty much watched like any manga/anime, if it fits my interest... I'll give out a long list XD Code Geass, Amatsuki, D.Gray-Man, 07-GHOST, Air Gear, Pandora Heart, KHR... Those are some of my current favorite. And Hetalia, obviously.

I'm not really into livejournal actually, it's just that I found this rp (so feel honnored) so that I'm here. Man, why did you guys write such long intro? Wouldn't a short one be fine? I prefer to rant! 

My favorite pairing is obviously GermanyItaly, gosh, German is one hot hunk. I like England, but Ameria isn't really my type, so EnglandJapan is good for me. Or GreeceJapan. Or TurkeyEgyptGreece, since I saw pretty much fanart of that threesome. And don't forget Prussia, whose name always remind me of prudence... but not quite XD Yes, I'd love to be Prussia, but he's taken :o

Actually, I love Hetalia a lot, but I'm not that good at world history. I only study history of art :3 Talking about art, I draw a lot, though not fanart, cause the perfectionist I am really hates it when my works doesn't look good, so, maybe, I'll post one or two piece here.

Quoting andouillette last sentence, modify it a little, I'm really looking forward to become one with you all!

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